Travelling from all over!

Travelling from all over!

Travelling from all over! 150 150 Isabel Yorke

Come and compete with dancers from all corners of the globe!

With only just over a week to go before the closing date we are pleased to see entries coming in on a daily basis!

Particularly amazing are entries we are receiving from all corners of the globe. So far we’ve had dancers enter from as far afield as Canada, United States and Australia. Continental Europe is also well represented with dancers from Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, and Poland. We’ve also dancers from all 4 Provinces in Ireland as well as our friends North of the border in Scotland. Where else can we add to the map?

It’s looking like it’s going to be a truly international event, and a great weekend of dancing.

So don’t delay, and please get your entry in as soon as you can. This will allow us to refine the timetable, minimizing delays caused by receiving large entries on the day.

Please click here for our dedicated info page and here to contact us with any questions.