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November 2016

It’s Oireachtas Season… Good Luck!

It’s Oireachtas Season… Good Luck! 150 150 Isabel Yorke

We want to say a huge good luck to dancers all over the world competing at their regional Oireachtas this winter. These are the main qualifying events for the World Championships next spring. Whether you are going for experience, aiming to secure a qualifying place, or aiming to be crowned regional champion, don’t forget to enjoy performing.

A special good luck to all of our McGL minions competing THIS WEEKEND! We know you will support each other whatever the results. Be fearless and aim for the stars! Even if you don’t quite reach your aim this time, you know your friends, family and teachers will be there for you.

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Two Times All Ireland Champion!

Two Times All Ireland Champion! 150 150 Isabel Yorke

It is one thing to win a major title once, but to retain it for a second year running is a different ball game! How amazing that our Gavina has done just that, becoming two times All Ireland Champion! Here is the moment in pictures:


Gavina’s amazing moment! Shared with teachers Siobhan and Frances, John Whitehurst (U17 boys champ) and Dara O’Shea (a former winner of the prestigious trophy)

Liam Costello, All Ireland Champion!

Liam Costello, All Ireland Champion! 150 150 Isabel Yorke

We want to say a heartfelt congratulations to our Aussie brother Liam, who has just WON the All Ireland Championship. Liam learned to dance and trains with Scoil Rince Creer, in his hometown in Sydney, NSW, Australia. However, his training does not stop when he is over on our side of the globe for major championships. He gets stuck straight into classes with us in the build up, practicing every day. No time for jet-lag! His amazing commitment and sacrifice has now paid off. We hope you enjoy a well-earned few days rest now, Liam!


Congratulations Liam!

Three Cheers for Ashton!

Three Cheers for Ashton! 150 150 Isabel Yorke

Congratulations to our superstar Ashton Canty, U10 Boys’ All Ireland Champion 2016.¬†Another one to add to this year’s list of achievements. We are all so proud of you Ashton!

On the top spot! With teachers Frances & Caroline.