All Scotland Success

All Scotland Success

All Scotland Success 150 150 Isabel Yorke

Congratulations to our dancers who traveled to Glasgow last week to compete in the prestigious All Scotland Championships. Many thanks to the organizers for providing such a successful event. In an amazingly high standard of competition, McGL dancers managed to secure two championship titles:

  • Gavina Zuccharello, U17 Girls’ Champion

    Congratulations to all!

  • Niall Forrest, U21 Men’s Champion

We had numerous top ten finishes:

  • Liam Costello, 3rd, U14 Boys (Scoil Rince Creer)
  • Liam Forrest, 5th, U21 Men
  • Ellie-Kate McCarthy, 6th, U10 Girls
  • Ellie Arthurs, 7th, U18 Ladies
  • Gabrielle Nurse, 10th, Senior Ladies

Two other top twenty finishes:

  • Ellena Nsajja, 14th, U17 Girls
  • Ciarra McCarthy, 20th, U8 Girls

And a seven more recalling dancers:

  • Erin Rothwell, U11 Girls
  • Freya , U11 Girls
  • Mary Conway, U12 Girls
  • Catherine James, U12 Girls
  • Betty McAdden, U13 Girls
  • Katie Cuddy, U14 Girls
  • Molly O’Neill, Senior Ladies