Aspire Costume Competition

Aspire Costume Competition

Aspire Costume Competition 724 1024 McGL Team

We were fortunate enough to offer an amazing competition to the school where the winner could win their very own fabulous designed and fitted Aspire solo costume. All they had to do was finish the following sentence:

“I would like to win one of Gavin’s costumes because….”

We had some really amazing entries from our dancers which were very inspiring to read and very hard to choose between, however the winner was Hannah Ferry-Walsh and here is her winning entry:

I would like to win one of Gavin’s costumes because I think I have worked really hard throughout lockdown, attending every zoom class I could, even though I don’t have anywhere to dance as I live in a flat and have neighbours below me. My mum and dad helped set up an area outside on the days I had class, helping me to show up and push myself with every session, not wanting to let lockdown ruin all the progress I’d made in the months before – literally the only thing that stopped me from going outside for these classes with Frances and the other teachers, was thunder storms!!

It taught me a lot, pushing myself like that, even though some days I didn’t think I could or I wondered if it was going to make a difference, doing dance class myself with no one “really” watching me. I had to become the person making myself focus.

And all of that hard worked paid off, as, in the recent online feis my dance academy took part in, I received 1st place in my hornpipe intermediate dance – this was a huge win for me!! Thank you for the chance to win the dress. Stay safe during lockdown😊
– Hannah Ferry-Walsh – 12 years old

Congratulations to all that entered, however a huge congratulations to Hannah for her hardwork, determination and fabulous answer! Enjoy your new Aspire costume Hannah – we cannot wait to see it on stage!