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Glasgow Festival Roadtrip

Glasgow Festival Roadtrip 1600 1600 Isabel Yorke

We have no words to describe how incredible it felt to finally be on a LIVE road trip to a LIVE feis after what feels like an eternity!!

Thank you to the organisers of the Glasgow Festival who put on a fantastic Irish dancing competition and brilliant weekend. We’re so grateful for these memories and for the opportunity to travel again!

We are so proud of our #teammcgl that took part at the weekend in Glasgow!! Some fantastic results and personal bests really made the whole trip even more special.

A special well done to our two champions, Olivia (U14) and Ava (U12)!

We missed our McGL family that had to stay at home this time around. We can’t wait for the next one!

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The Hertfordshire Championships

The Hertfordshire Championships 800 800 Isabel Yorke

Hertfordshire ChampionsWe had a fantastic weekend at the Hertfordshire Championships hosted by the Celtic Hearts School. As for our own John Flanagan Memorial Feis, COVID restrictions were still in place but our prelim and championships dancers were able to get up on stage and do what they love! Thank you to the organisers for making this possible.


Congratulations to our 6 champions (pictured above)

*Seamus U9 Boys* – *Niamh U11 Prelim* – *Ciarra U13 Girls* – *Olivia U14 Girls* – *Ellie-Kate U15 Girls* – *Mary U17 Girls*

also to our other dancers in the top 5

*U6 Niamh (1st U5)* – *U10 Ellen 3rd* – *U10 Prelim Matilda 4th* – *U11 Eilis 2nd * Ella-Rose 5th* – *U12 Ava 2nd* – *U12 Prelim Poppy 3rd* – *U13 Violet 5th* – *U13 Boys Nathan 2nd (1st U12) * Ryan 3rd* – *U14 Jayda 4th* – *U16 Freya 5th* – *O16 Prelim Nicola 3rd* – *U18 Amaia 5th*

and to everyone else who took part!

Independence Day Weekender

Independence Day Weekender 1563 1042 Isabel Yorke

We are pleased to announce our first restriction-free events since December 2019! Our “Independence Day Weekender” will include a party on Saturday 3rd July and our summer class feis (competition) on Sunday 4th July. Party details to follow.

Independence Day Class Feis

Sunday, July 4th 2021 at Chelmer Valley High School, Chelmsford, CM1 7ER

As always at our class competitions, the emphasis will be on fun and all dancers will receive at least one award. The competition is suitable for all ages and grades (even new beginners), so we really encourage all dancers to attend.

In the event that COVID restrictions remain, we will simply continue in a similar fashion to our recent open feis at which we asked everyone to sit in family pods, masks whilst moving around the venue, contact free awards and regular cleaning between age groups. In this instance the event will be run in accordance with the latest government guidelines ensuring the hall is limited to 50% capacity and all dancers will compete one at a time on stage.

Aspire Costume Competition

Aspire Costume Competition 724 1024 McGL Team

We were fortunate enough to offer an amazing competition to the school where the winner could win their very own fabulous designed and fitted Aspire solo costume. All they had to do was finish the following sentence:

“I would like to win one of Gavin’s costumes because….”

We had some really amazing entries from our dancers which were very inspiring to read and very hard to choose between, however the winner was Hannah Ferry-Walsh and here is her winning entry:

I would like to win one of Gavin’s costumes because I think I have worked really hard throughout lockdown, attending every zoom class I could, even though I don’t have anywhere to dance as I live in a flat and have neighbours below me. My mum and dad helped set up an area outside on the days I had class, helping me to show up and push myself with every session, not wanting to let lockdown ruin all the progress I’d made in the months before – literally the only thing that stopped me from going outside for these classes with Frances and the other teachers, was thunder storms!!

It taught me a lot, pushing myself like that, even though some days I didn’t think I could or I wondered if it was going to make a difference, doing dance class myself with no one “really” watching me. I had to become the person making myself focus.

And all of that hard worked paid off, as, in the recent online feis my dance academy took part in, I received 1st place in my hornpipe intermediate dance – this was a huge win for me!! Thank you for the chance to win the dress. Stay safe during lockdown😊
– Hannah Ferry-Walsh – 12 years old

Congratulations to all that entered, however a huge congratulations to Hannah for her hardwork, determination and fabulous answer! Enjoy your new Aspire costume Hannah – we cannot wait to see it on stage!

A wonderful new addition to the McGL teaching team

A wonderful new addition to the McGL teaching team 765 609 McGL Team

We are delighted to announce that Fiona Mackey TCRG, has joined the McGL Family.

Fiona started dancing at the age of four with the Maguire O’Shea Academy. She won the Southern England Regional Oireachtas three times and went on to become a top 10 medal holder in the World, British Nationals, Great Britain and All Ireland Championships.

Fiona passed her TCRG in 2001 and loves passing on her passion of Irish dance to new dancers.

Fiona will continue to take her classes in the Barnet/Finchley location whilst joining other McGL classes during the week.

For more information please contact Fiona at 07985415421 and

Drop-in schoolwork help

Drop-in schoolwork help 819 1024 McGL Team

Another lockdown in England brings yet more worry to many of our parents/students whilst homeschooling. We have assembled our #mcglfamily in the hopes of helping with any home learning struggles that our #teammcgl may face. We have some amazing, qualified volunteers to offer some much needed support. We are truly grateful to all of you for giving up your time for our dancers in need.

We are incredibly lucky to have you all!

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St. Patrick’s Day 2021

St. Patrick’s Day 2021 1024 1024 McGL Team


In celebration and honour of our most favourite day and night of exhibitions, showcasing our hard work and talent, we have put together a small group of photos and videos from over the years. From performing in O’Neill’s pubs, the United Brethren to Trafalgar Square’s main stage and our numerous television appearances – we cannot believe that 1 year on we are still unable to get out and celebrate this fabulous day doing what we do best; however, that will not stop us celebrating and enjoying the day together as Team McGL 🎉

💛🖤 S H O W T I M E 🖤💛

We also LOVED creating this showpiece for our Zoom St Patrick’s day party! It’s actually left us feeling very emotional.

We honestly don’t know what we would have done without our #mcglfamily this past year. We are very grateful to have every single dancer, parent, friend and colleague in our lives!

Fingers crossed that the next time we all meet will be in person!!

A huge thank you to the Feis App team for giving us permission to use their music too!

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Supporting local food banks during lockdown

Supporting local food banks during lockdown 1024 1024 McGL Team

The free school meal vouchers really highlighted the lack of food shortages in our communities. So, we thought that we would try and help. We did collections at all our dance locations and supported food banks in our areas:


To be able to help so many people across multiple locations is so humbling and we couldn’t have done it without our MCGL families 💛 thank you all for your amazing generosity!

MCGLfamily #Foodbank #Christmas2020 #Feb2021 #Grateful

Remembering Siobhán

Remembering Siobhán 1024 1024 McGL Team

Children with Cancer UK

Friday 30th October 2020 MCGL joined other schools in Southern England Region to take part in a danceathon whether in class or virtually – in memory of Siobhán Mather, who lost her battle against cancer and whose sister dances at another dancing school in our Region – by supporting Children with Cancer UK. We are so proud of our dancers enthusiasm and generosity to raise money for a charity which is close to all our hearts!

All our dancers were amazing and raised over £1300 for Children with Cancer UK!

Supporting our wider dance community is so important to us, so a HUGE thank you to everyone that donated.
We will always remember Siobhán.


Live Online Class Feiseanna

Live Online Class Feiseanna 1024 1024 McGL Team

As lockdown 3.0 drags on, we scratch our live performance itch

As we’ve bounced in and out of lockdown the biggest thing our dancers have missed is the competitions and the camaraderie it brings.

Whilst this cannot be replicated we set about creating online events (3 over the various lockdowns) bringing together dancers from McGL in the UK, Goggin Carroll in Canada and Scoil Rince Creer in New South Wales, Australia.

As we were online, we were able to invite adjudicators from the UK, Ireland and North America. The judging was real time (subject to the dreaded internet) with our adjudicators able to present their results via google forms linking it to the McGL Feis Scoring software Feismark. This also allowed for each adjudicator to complete provide excellent written feedback.