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At McGL, we also teach traditional Irish dance to adults of all ages and levels.

Our Adult Irish dance classes consist of a mixture of complete beginner to ex-champion dancers. We welcome ALL levels of dancers into our adult classes and you can attend at any age over 18. At an MCGL adult class you would expect to learn light shoe, heavy shoe (the Irish version of tap dancing seen in shows such as ‘Riverdance’ and ‘Lord of the Dance’) and Ceili dancing.

Irish dancing isn’t just for children!

Ceili is a form of group dance where a group would hold hands and dance in different formations. Mainly danced at parties and weddings to help break the ice with the guests, Adult Ceili really is so much fun to do, and its great for mental skills and helps with your general health, fitness and well being.

Many of our current adult dancers prove that it is never too late to take up something new. Traditional Irish dance is fantastic for gaining and maintaining strength, flexibility, and both physical and mental agility! Learning the intricate steps of Irish dancing as an Adult is extremely engaging and for an hour a week it can really help to concentrate on something other than the stresses of daily life.

Irish dance is great for pursuing personal goals, but it can also be a team sport with an important sense of community.

Adult Irish Dancers
become Ceili Queens

One of our Adult classes have entered the Great Britain Championships (also known as the ‘GB’s) for three years running. These dancers achieved 3rd and 5th in the adult Ceili competition at the GB’s for the first two years and became GB CHAMPIONS in first place in 2019. The team members were made up of school teachers, young mums, an accountant, students and even a pharmaceutical manager.  One of these mums had very young babies at the time of this event so it really shows you that absolutely ANYONE can take part in and train for these events with huge success! Our ‘Ceili Queens’ forged some really special friendships in the class, with some of whom had never met before they started at McGL.

“ After competing for many years, I came back to McGL’s adult class after a 5 year break. Little did I know it would lead me becoming a Great Britain Champion creating lifelong memories and friendships whilst doing so.”

- Alicia Ellingham, Colchester, Essex

Not everyone goes to the World championships or becomes a member or lead of an Irish Dancing Troupe. Far from it. We are of course extremely proud of our senior dancers who have continued their competitive careers at a top level whilst holding down full-time work. So whether it’s to try a new, fun way to get fit, make new friends, rekindle a childhood passion, or to become a GB champion. Get in touch with us and book your free trial lesson today!

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Adult classes are currently held in Colchester, Essex and Balham, London please see our class schedule for more information or contact us.


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