Live Irish dance classes for all levels open in Dartford

Our venue at Dartford Irish club

Live Irish dance classes for all levels open in Dartford

Live Irish dance classes for all levels open in Dartford 768 1024 Isabel Yorke

Being one of our several Irish Dance hubs, our Dartford classes are now open and ready to welcome back Irish dancers at all levels.

Whether you are a competitive Irish dancer or simply looking for beginner Irish dance lessons, our classes located at the Dartford Irish Club has something for everybody.

Be part of the vibrant atmosphere of the newest Saturday morning beginners’ class in our school. Through our beginners we build the foundations of one of the most successful Irish dance schools in England. By mastering traditional Irish dance techniques at beginner level, we give our dancers the tools needed to progress to a world class standard and fulfil their full potential.

Our newly refurbished venue is home to classes for all standards in the school, with our competition level dancers training at the Irish Club midweek, and our beginner level dancers on Saturday mornings. The facilities provide specialised harlequin dance flooring which can be found in some of the world’s leading dance venues such as the Royal Opera House, the Paris Opera Ballet and the Royal New Zealand Ballet. These excellent facilities contribute to the growth and development of our dancers at all levels.

As we come out of lockdown, a great way to make new friends and take on new challenges is through our Covid-safe, traditional Irish dance classes. We currently have availability in Dartford (Saturdays 10.00am – 11.30am), so get in contact for your free first lesson!

Let’s “make every step count!”

Harlequin dance floor featuring "Make every step count" markers

Our spacious Dartford Irish club venue, featuring Harlequin flooring and our “make every step count” distance markers