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Classes in Europe 150 150 Isabel Yorke

Classes in Europe

Dancers from Prague, Czech Republic Dancers from Warsaw, Poland McGahan Lees are proud to announce the opening of classes in both Prague and Warsaw, formerly run by The Delaney Academy. Classes will be lead by McGL TCRG Leanne Gray and will operate under the RTME European guidelines. To date, the dancers in Prague and Warsaw…

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Europe Oireachtas 2015
Mainland Europe Oireachtas 2015 – Milan, Italy 750 664 McGL Team

Mainland Europe Oireachtas 2015 – Milan, Italy

It is excellent to see the hard work paying off with our dancers in Prague and Warsaw this year at the Mainland Europe Oireachtas in Milan. After only five months of dancing with MCGL, there will be a total of 8 solo qualifiers and the Senior Girls ceil team going to the World Championships in Glasgow…

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McGahan Lees Irish Dance Classes - Europe Team Uniforms
Working hard in Prague this weekend 750 664 McGL Team

Working hard in Prague this weekend

Thats a wrap for another weekend of classes in Prague! After nearly two years with the Academy, our dancers are continuing to work hard towards the World Championships in Dublin 2017! Pictured below, some of the world qualifiers in their new sweaters. They are very proud to be representing MCGL and Mainland Europe at  the Worlds…

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For Beginners 150 150 bobyorke

For Beginners

Under Construction! Young McGahan Lees dancers enjoying themselves in class

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McGL Dancers Pre-Montreal World Championships
Going to the Worlds! 452 640 bobyorke

Going to the Worlds!

McGL Dancers Pre-Montreal World Championships So, the McGahan Lees Open Feis is over for another year – it was a brilliant, busy weekend with fabulous competitions and an amazing standard of dancing. Important for many, it provided a great opportunity for a final stage practice before the World Championships in Montreal. These lovely McGahan Lees…

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The European Championships, Spain! 960 720 McGL Team

The European Championships, Spain!

Young McGahan Lees championship at the 2015 European Championships in Spain. This May half-term sixteen of our dancers travelled to Torrevieja, Southern Spain, in order to compete at the European Irish Dance Championships. And what a success – we now have four European Champions! Ellie-Kate McCarthy (Under 9 champion) Emma Freeman (Under 18 champion) Rowann…

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Ellena Nsajja, European Champion
European Champions! 360 640 McGL Team

European Champions!

Congratulations to McGahan Lees Dancers: Ellena Nsajja Under 15 Ellie-Kate McCarthy Under 8 Who both won their respective European Championships in Spain. Ellena Nsajja, Under 15 European Champion Ellie-Kate McCarthy, Under 8 European Champion Congratulations also to all of the other McGL dancers who travelled to Spain – we are proud of you all. McGahan…

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