Oireachtas 2017

Oireachtas 2017

Oireachtas 2017 150 150 Isabel Yorke

The end of the calendar year sees regional championship (oireachtas) events held in each region. These championships are also the main qualifying events for the following year’s World championships. Most of our dancers compete in the Southern England Region Oireachtas, which was held 16th-19th November.

This year we were lucky enough to obtain FIVE Southern England Regional Oireachtas titles:

*Niall Forrest – U22 Men’s Champion*

*Gavina Zuccharello – U18 Ladies Champion*

*Ellie-Kate McCarthy – U11 Girls Champion*

*Ashton Canty – U11 Boys Champion*

*Ava Folan – U8 Girls Champion*

We are also very proud of our 24 dancers who achieved a qualifying position in their competitions!

Aside from this, every dancer performed to the absolute best of their ability, showing off all the hard work they put into preparing themselves both physically and mentally for what can be a stressful event.

Here are some photos to sum up the weekend!

Our oireachtas champions – Flying high!

Congratulations also to our dancers who competed at the Midlands Oireachtas – Freddie and Nicole you flew the McGL banner high!