McGahan Lees

McGahan Lees Irish Dance Academy is devoted to excellence in teaching, preserving the heritage of Irish Dance, and promoting health, wellbeing, and diversity. We cultivate a creative environment that respects and encourages freedom of thought and expression. Our community-oriented culture, akin to a supportive family, fosters peer support, nurtures lifelong friendships and takes its fundraising responsibilities to heart.

Our Values

Excellence in professional practice

Our teaching staff have a proven track record in developing beginners through to the World or West End stage

Preserve and develop the heritage of Irish Dance

the traditions of our art form and the teaching philosophies of the old dance masters ensures good technique is always at the forefront of our teaching methods

Promote health, wellbeing and diversity amongst our students and classes

Every student has a role to play in the success and culture created at MCGL. We have a track record of developing from within

Be respectful of one another

MCGL are a family that you’ll always be part of. Proof is with the number of dancers who return to teach with the Academy

Promote freedom of thought, creativeness and expression

Whilst maintaining the foundations of our art-form – MCGL always look to develop and push the boundaries of our artform whilst always maintaining great basics

Breed a culture of peer support and develop lifelong friendships

MCGL is a community. Every member plays their part and at the heart of this is willingness of all dancers and parents to support one another and the wider community taking its fundraising responsibility very seriously

“ Mol An Óige Agus Tiocfaidh Sí ”

Praise the young and they will blossom.

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