The Hertfordshire Championships

The Hertfordshire Championships

The Hertfordshire Championships 800 800 Isabel Yorke

Hertfordshire ChampionsWe had a fantastic weekend at the Hertfordshire Championships hosted by the Celtic Hearts School. As for our own John Flanagan Memorial Feis, COVID restrictions were still in place but our prelim and championships dancers were able to get up on stage and do what they love! Thank you to the organisers for making this possible.


Congratulations to our 6 champions (pictured above)

*Seamus U9 Boys* – *Niamh U11 Prelim* – *Ciarra U13 Girls* – *Olivia U14 Girls* – *Ellie-Kate U15 Girls* – *Mary U17 Girls*

also to our other dancers in the top 5

*U6 Niamh (1st U5)* – *U10 Ellen 3rd* – *U10 Prelim Matilda 4th* – *U11 Eilis 2nd * Ella-Rose 5th* – *U12 Ava 2nd* – *U12 Prelim Poppy 3rd* – *U13 Violet 5th* – *U13 Boys Nathan 2nd (1st U12) * Ryan 3rd* – *U14 Jayda 4th* – *U16 Freya 5th* – *O16 Prelim Nicola 3rd* – *U18 Amaia 5th*

and to everyone else who took part!